About Us

The Global Investigation Agency is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which brings journalists and experts together from different fields.

Who we are?

Necessity to establish a global investigation agency arose in 2013 after the murder of Boris Berezovsky. As an ideology inspirer and organizer stepped forward a group of opposition Russian journalists, joined by fellow journalists from Guardian and a group of human rights defenders and lawyers.

Our goal is an enlightened society. For the reason, only well-informed citizens are capable to solve problems and make improvements through democratic means. Our team of journalists conducts independent investigations of corruption, fraud, war crimes, crimes against genocide, crimes against humanity, and serious human rights violations. We are journalists for and with the society.

Why we do what we do?

Without independent, strong journalism our democracy does not work. At the moment journalism is under double pressure: Firstly, the implementation of Brexit idea complicates integration with European public and human rights organizations. Secondly, opponents of an open society attempt to discredit journalists through planted information.


Global Investigation Agency is funded by donations and contributions. This makes us independent from ads, sales figures and quotas. We are able to focus on long-term research and high quality content. We are committed for truth and the common good. Other media are not our competitors, but our partners.

How do we work and what we publish?

We initiate investigations on our own and/or conduct them directly with our partners. Therefore, it is possible to implement complex projects, and classic editorial departments are unlikely to cope with such. Our partners publish the results of joint research on their resources: in print, TV, radio or the Internet. Also, we publish investigations in the public domain so that any Internet user can easily access them.

We invite representatives of international organizations and EU citizens to get involved in numerous journalistic projects and to cooperate on the topic of investigation.

Due to our fact-checking activities, we help people distinguish between verified news and fake news.


We want to initiate positive social changes with our work and achieve publicity in society. Changes are seen when a disease is identified and causes discussion. The greatest success is when the disease is eradicated. In some ways, our work has direct consequences, such as the initiation of criminal proceedings or changes in laws, when people protest or resign.