The interest in mining and cryptocurrency seems to be approaching its apogee, at least, numerous complaints from citizens about fraudsters who offer to perform certain bitcoin operations show this. Among the most popular: investments by phone, hacking e-wallets and buying through brokerage companies.

We asked for an exclusive comment for our site at Volker Brühl, the head of the Center for Financial Research at the Frankfurt University. Goethe:

“Weeeeeeell. I distrust everyone when it comes to investment type companies. Thay promise to manage your investments,and their commissions, and the your money sits where the put it. They don’t actually manage your assets. Like insurance agents. Sell the product, keep my commission checks coming, don’t call us, we’ll call you.

This seems to suggest they don’t actually trade, just train investors.

Not listed by the better business bureau, and being a .org, they probably don’t file with the Security and Exchanges Commission.

I’d feel better if “about us” was a little more detailed. How long have they been around, who’s on their board, if a .org, they are in theory a non-profit. What does their charter read? A true .org should have ton of paper filed, including tax returns.

This is true of all investment firms, but I always give them a little money, and see how they do business. Take the money, never hear a word? Or a call once a month or so, following up. Calling with suggestions. If not, like many I ran into, they only have time for big investors, and of all the small investments I’ve made over the years, I’ve got to say Charles Schwab gave the best service. They specialize in smaller investors, and have reasonable fee structures, and at one time had guarantees, portfolio doesn’t increase in value? No fees that quarter.

If they are paid on commission only, or mostly commission, be wary. ENRON comes to mind.
Best bet is invest with me. Send small denomination US currency, well circulated, with non-consecutive serial numbers”.