Owing to the consistent work of international law enforcement agencies and security services it is well-known that criminal syndicates were the first to use the cryptocurrency market as a potent tool for transportation and money laundering. The same criminality is behind the orchestration of the following communication systems: anonymous, capable of funds transportation up to 620 miles without the possibility of identifying the sources of income and the entities that transfer the money.

“I got interested in cryptocurrency, not two, not three and not five years ago. Having worked with colleagues from different countries, we gathered undeniable evidence that a chunk of this market belongs to criminal groups such as ‘Ndrangheta,” criminologist David Prokoppio said. In an interview, Prokoppio noted that he has been continuously working and exchanging experience with a number of criminologists, experts on money laundering in Italy, Switzerland and Belgium.

They track the transportation of large amounts from Europe to the US and Asia. As of today, it is known that criminal syndicates are behind the use of digital money to solve their own problems. “Most cryptocurrencies are backed up by interests of criminal syndicates,” said David Propkoppio. Based on our latest investigation on the FOIN cryptocurrency, we asked questions to the expert: “It is the first time I have heard about Foin. I do not rule out that there might be a criminal group behind this cryptocurrency too. However, it is too early to draw specific conclusions for now.”

During the interview, Prokoppio noted that this cryptocurrency did not appear at any of the conferences focused on money laundering. However, the methods and ways described in the appeal of GIA are simply ways to influence competitors, in his opinion. “We are facing a competitive war in the cryptocurrency market and attempts to discredit this or that cryptocurrency in order not to lose own market share. Informational impact methods work through the “online dynamite” principle. The cost of contract killings, bribery of financial structures, law enforcement agencies, and judges to eliminate certain organizations is nothing compared to ways of impact in the cryptocurrency market.”

The criminologist notes that the cost of such an “online dynamite” goes up to $100,0000; it is not difficult to discredit a company with such funds. While everybody tries to understand whether it is true or false, the rates on the stock exchange go down. Until it is proved that this or that project is not involved in any criminal or fraudulent scheme, the cryptocurrency itself will no longer exist, tarnished reputation… game over, it will not be interesting anymore.

Before the interview, the materials of our investigation were shown to the expert. During the conversation, he made a suggestion that the hype around financial.org comes from America.

“The style of writing caught my eye, it’s a narration. Classic American style. This “online dynamite” comes from America or from Americans who now live in Europe or Asia, this is their style to create narrations with a distortion of facts.”

Earlier we wrote that even Reuters made gross errors in fact-checking of the materials. According to the expert, this indicates that the “online dynamite” was launched at a certain time. The task is simple to create ephemeral representation and infect the trade market and community with a specific idea about Foin cryptocurrency and its relation to some kind entity titled financial org.