Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Maltese Police Force and the Malta Gaming Authority, to improve cooperation and information exchange on the gaming sector.

The agreement is understood to be aimed at increasing the manpower and training to deal with the rise of economic crime.

Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Michael Farrugia explained that with new funds from the European Union, the economic crime unit’s data could be ‘centralised and accessible from the Malta Police Force and other entities that work together with the Force.’ Farrugia explained that this would help with investigations and understanding ‘between organised crime and economic crime.’

The move towards collaboration comes in light of an injection of €1.5 million into the Malta Police Force towards the prevention of economic crime and to protect Malta’s financial interests.

Hercule III funding programme goes towards the purchase of new hardware and software to combat economic criminality from the local, regional and national levels as well as to coordinate on the European level.

It is also reported that crime in Malta has also fallen by 7% across the board.

Reflecting on the announcement, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri explained, ‘This Memorandum of Understanding shall enhance further the cooperation between both parties in combating illegal gaming activities. In an ever-growing digital scenario, the challenges for both the MGA and the Malta Police Force have increased drastically. Thus working closely together, as stated in the framework of the MOU signed today, shall help both sides to tackle better such challenges in the best interest of the Maltese jurisdiction’